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As you have probably already noticed from their pictures, The Sundholm Brothers really like each other!  They have common interests in sports, acting, caring for the environment and people.  This creates a great dynamic between them when they work together, and adds to their unique styles when they work as individuals.  These boys are committed to showing up as professionals and adding a lot of heart and passion to your project! 


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At home, Michelle is a beautiful mother of 2 lively boys, but THIS Mom is a full-time professional voice actor!  She has voiced for clients such as Microsoft, The Boston Celtics, Estee Lauder, Chevy, USPS and many more.  She wanted to share her passion with her two sons, and teach them that words have great she got them in the vocal booth, and her boys took to it like a fish to water!  Actually, it was easier to teach them voice acting than swimming, if we're being honest.  Check out Michelle's website!


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Steve is an expert on all things “Sound”.  As a full-time professional Sound Engineer and Record Producer, he has worked with the likes of Carrie Underwood, JET, Jim Brickman, Pink Martini, Kenny Rogers and many more.  He is the 24/7 engineer for all of the Sundholm weekly live-directed voice over sessions.   Steve is able to provide live playback, which has proven to be very helpful to the Creative Director, Producer and the Client in getting the performance just right.  More importantly, Steve is Everett and Ashton's Dad.  Check out Steve's website!



Meet Bingo "Baby" Sundholm.  Like the rest of the Sundholm's, he is one talented puppy.  He has spent countless hours honing his craft, and he can sit, shake, lay down AND roll over.  He wakes up early every morning to get a head start on his day, which he usually begins by taking his Daddy for a walk around the neighborhood.  After that, Bingo spends the afternoon protecting the house from imaginary intruders until his brothers get home from school.  A classic night owl, Bingo likes to get the party started just before midnight.  Mommy hearts Bingo.



The Sundholm Family studio is a broadcast quality, professionally designed facility.  Here is a gear list, if you like these sorts of things:


Microphones: Bock iFet, Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH-416 

Mic Preamps: BAE 1073 MPF, Chandler R.E.D.D.47

Outboard:  Universal Audio 1176, Drip Electronics Opto 6

Monitoring:  ATC SCM 25a Pro

Front End: Avid OMNI with Black Lion XB Mod, ProTools 12 HD, Audioquest cabling throughout.


Live-Directed Sessions available via Source-Connect Standard, Source-Connect Now, or phone patch. 

If ISDN is required, we have a studio nearby to meet this need.